The One Where I Am Who I Am

This is a story about a Downriver girl living with depression and PTSD, who loves Lake Michigan and collecting stones that are hard to find in the sand and water. Lately I have been to more places outside of MI, such as beautiful Washington. But no matter where I am or what point I am at in my journey, I have always had and will always have the Friends series to get me through anything. And that is exactly why I do what I do on my website, spread the love that is ‘Friends’. I can share my love for this epic series in tandem with providing education on mental illness… My mental health can keep me down for days making it hard to do the things i love, but watching Friends (no matter when) always makes me laugh so much that it hurts, lol. It is very easy to relate to the 6 friends while watching any episode. like i said, epic! Please feel free to comment or message me with any questions or anything at all. The happier that fans are while on my site, the happier I am. Everyone that is living with a mental illness should at least have one thing they can rely on, Friends can be that one thing! I enjoy being there for my fellow Friends fans.

“I’ll be there for you” ✌️