To emerge from the darkest side of depression, is to be reborn.  “Rebirth” is the little truth inside you saying, “My world was dark, but there’s a possibility that light will return”.  It means the belief that depression has another side. This starts with introducing light into your day-to-day routine, so that you can begin […]

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Dual Diagnosis

        The brain is an enigma. Despite the mounting and continuous research, our understanding of the human mind is tentative and tenuous. However, we continue to develop a more thorough understanding of the most complex organ in any organism on the entire planet. It’s important to be knowledgeable on afflictions like addiction […]

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        Little Red Riding Hood was one of my favorite books when i was growing up and it taught me several different things at different ages in my life – But in America, some states have banned this book because of the littlest details that would surprise you.  Little Red Riding Hood […]

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The Cycle of Social Inequality

        The structural functionalist sees family as an institution in society maintaining essential functions and obtaining important roles. When a family fails to contribute to society they become dysfunctional, they threaten the other members of society and how society functions as a whole.  Similar to how our bodies work, if one part […]

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