Pillow Confessions

Confessions of a women going mad… Is it angry-mad or “crazy”-mad?

only Mad confessions here

The One With The Ranking

There is absolutely no episode that I don’t like. So deciding which season is the best and which is worst, becomes a very hard task…. Or is it a test?! 🤷…. Oh who cares! It’s just a ranking system for this epic series, which opens minds and transcends through time. So, without anymore waiting, I […]

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Poem It

Poems are a great way to let out feelings and emotions that you couldn’t otherwise say to someone, or even articulate to yourself in any easy kind of way. It can help with the stigma related to mental illness as well. Being expressive helps depression, while at the same time leading to eradication of stigma. […]

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A lot can be said about an individual with the ability to keep going after having their world come crashing down, being dealt a bad hand in life over and over again. Resilience is the story of the Phoenix, dying inside and yet gaining the hope to start over. While some might think of that […]

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