Stigma-Free Facebook cause

#SupportAboveSilence event

Support a stigma free world with me!

Please visit my Facebook event by clicking the link above.

Throughout this event, I intensly encourage everyone to be a support to someone who is hurting and living in the darkness of being stigmatized every day. For the next 2 weeks I want to spread awareness of how silence, in a world run by stigma, is only aiding in the insidious behaviors towards individuals who have a mental health disorder. Please help this cause by telling your story of being stigmatized or how you have supported a stimatized person by posting about it with the hashtag #SupportAboveSilence… This time we have to reach everyone! This time we cannot ignore it. This time no one should have to hide anymore, and this is when support will trample silence!… End stigma once and for all – support the ones who have been stigmatized over and over again, show them there is still hope and they are not alone. Because silence is a form of stigmatization! Don’t let the voice of stigma continue to loudly harm those who are mentally ill. Do not re-victimize when you can help spread healing and empower individuals to strive for recovery so they do not have to hide in the dark anymore… after the event, I strongly encourage continuation of the support towards stigmatized individuals – This epidemic is killing and hurting so many people – how inhuman is our society today if we do not see the huge negative impact this has in the mental health community! We need to open our eyes, stop being silent, and spread kindness instead of judgement.

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