Directions of the Mind

The sun rises, shining on your face as you wake. you pretend to be unshaken still, as if nothing ever happened.

I feel the emptiness, like an ancient riverbed, flooding back to me, you leave.

The voices tell me many different versions, yet i still have my own self-defeating signature.

I try to speak, I can’t even see you anymore, instead I cry until the voices become just loud noise.

My mind and my soul are at constant agonizing odds, why can’t I just send them in different directions? Like a leaf blowing off of a tree never to return. You can’t give anymore or have the strength to try, you let go.

Do we explode? Do we just collide? Surely this can’t be the end, yet you can’t even look me in the eyes.

You use to say this would kill you before me, but I never imagined this kind of episode in our series.

I feel better now and you seem to be in higher spirits, little did i know of your deceit, your cruel plans.

The corner of my eye sees your bags and my heart sinks like an anchor, your sighs meet my tears with contempt, the sun sets.

~ Carrie Lee

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