Acts of the Brain

Article in which I chose to write about:


       Split brain patients are invaluable when studying how the left and right hemisphere of our brain works as well as connects and shares information.  The article listed above that I chose to write about, emphasizes the effect that cutting or disturbing the connection between the two hemispheres would change a person’s ability to interpret information.  Normal everyday activities become frustrating as the brain has two different agendas for what you actually want to do. One of the patients noted in this article states that her life is much better after having the split brain surgery, even though tasks became inevitably harder, she eventually worked out some things or made solutions for her problems in doing everyday activities.  But psychologists never stopped studying her and the less than a dozen individuals who had this rare surgery done to them.


       Many experiments took place throughout their lives, but now that these patients are all older or have died off, studies on the way their brain works are few and far between.  Modern split brain psychologists use new drugs to alleviate the seizures that required the surgery. Imaging can track the data and workings of the brain much easier. But the study of the patients who had the split brain surgery was so important to understanding personality and the creative part of our minds.  I find this so very fascinating and thrilling to read about, though it gives me chills knowing that our brains have so much wiring involved. Small disconnections can limit us to how we see and live in our world. Which brings me to split personalities.


       This article does not say anything about split personalities but I have read about it when I was researching this outcome, it is equally fascinating.  Split personalities are characterized by a person’s identity fragmenting into two or more distinct personality states. People with this condition are often victims of severe abuse.  Some people describe this as an experience of possession. The person also experiences memory loss that is too extensive to be explained by ordinary forgetfulness.

I think that the study of the split brain surgery largely helped us understand what might be going on with these individuals who have personality issues, we can appreciate how the brain works more now because of this research.  Being able to see how each side of the brain acts upon requests and information is what this research is all about. Unfortunately, split brain surgery patients are extremely rare these days, leaving all of the work up to machines such as MRIs – this is not the same as the research performed on the surgery patients.  Regardless if split brain surgery patients are rare or not, more research needs to be completed or we will never be able to prevent or help treat this disorder.



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