The Air Between Us

The Air Between Us Carrie Edwards 10/31/19 I look at the mountains, I see nothing Nothing but beauty, and God’s creation I wonder how much more How much more beauty is on this land From where I am to you Days go by, my missing you shows It’s all over my face and my attitude […]

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Dual Diagnosis

The brain is an enigma. Despite the mounting and continuous research, our understanding of the human mind is tentative and tenuous. However, we continue to develop a more thorough understanding of the most complex organ in any organism on the entire planet. It’s important to be knowledgeable on afflictions like addiction and its relationship to […]

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Directions of the Mind

The sun rises, shining on your face as you wake. you pretend to be unshaken still, as if nothing ever happened. I feel the emptiness, like an ancient riverbed, flooding back to me, you leave. The voices tell me many different versions, yet i still have my own self-defeating signature. I try to speak, I […]

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I Remember the Waterfall

Because when the sun went down, its glowing outline was magical. Because the grey backsplash made it look as if it were unstoppable, a giant heroic beast. Because the bright green grass sprinkled around the rocks were almost unnoticeable, but could never be. Because the rushing water was now a silent river, waiting to make […]

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My body is a reflection of my past, broken and shattered glass. Each piece glistens with the beauty of the life they depict – the journey of my soul, each time it dies and each time it lives. Trying to put the pieces back together leaves me in shame and despair. I can’t find one […]

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Blog posts I write almost exclusively revolve around mental illness, a topic most people do not want to read about. But there is something inside me though – it feels like all emotions wrapped up in one – and it is only there when I am writing. It is like having a compass to guide […]

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           If you were to listen to a police radio for one night, you would be shocked to hear all the things they say about the people they are called to respond to.  Especially the ones who are mentally ill. I don’t know about you but I do not think this […]

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